The fight against terrorism and extremism is not only the duty of the state, but also the duty of every patriotic person

One of the main problems
 of today is the tendency of young people and the main population of the country to join insurgent parties and movements. Here the question arises, why the land of Tajiks, which is older than
 history itself and the first cradle of human civilization, has a benevolent and culture-loving people and has a healthy religion and ritual, faced this heavenly scourge and satanic phenomenon?
   The politicization of Islam and its active use by the political circles of a number of Central Asian countries became an important factor for achieving the interests of their group. In some cases,
 biased groups connected Islam to political activities and other activities that sometimes took on a criminal nature. In general, the strengthening of the trend of traditional relations between
 countries with common interests led to the fact that the leaders of these countries were powerless against the spread of Islamic extremism. In order for our people, especially the youth, to have 
a constructive education and not a broken one, every office and institution, every sympathetic and patriotic individual, each of us should join hands and in this solidarity lead them from the dark
 path of error to the bright highway of Unity. Let's join. In this regard, with the concern of today's modern dangers, according to some expert data, about 500 extremist and terrorist organizations 
are working secretly in the world, which is becoming inclusive of the international community and increasingly threatens the independence of states by negatively impacting the opinions and
 behavior of young people. , the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahon, set the following task for the youth: "Courageous and zealous youth of the country should
 be loyal to their state and country with a sense of patriotism and responsibility, they should understand well the harm of xenophobia and deception of terrorist and extremist organizations, 
especially their tragic actions, which are carried out under the blessed name of Islam, they should not remain ignorant, don't lose the political and protect the homeland from the threat of
 modern dangers as their vital duty".
Teacher of school №13:             Rajabov Zukhrobjon