Terrorism appears


It became the hallmark of a number of political movements stretching from the extreme right to the extreme left of the political spectrum. Technological advances, such as automatic weapons and compact, electrically detonated explosives, gave terrorists a new mobility and lethality, and the growth of air travel provided new methods and opportunities. Terrorism was virtually an official policy in totalitarian states such as those of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Stalin. In these states arrest, imprisonment, torture, and execution were carried out without legal guidance or restraints to create a climate of fear and to encourage adherence to the national ideology and the declared economic, social, and political goals of the state.Terror has been used by one or both sides in anticolonial conflicts  in disputes between different national groups over possession of a contested homeland. Terrorism appears to be an enduring feature of political life. Even prior to the September 11 attacks, there was widespread concern that terrorists might escalate their destructive power to vastly greater proportions by using weapons of mass destruction—including nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons—as did the Japanese doomsday cult Shinrikyo, which released nerve gas into a Tokyo subway in. These fears were intensified after September , when a number of letters contaminated with anthrax were delivered to political leaders and journalists in the United States, leading to several deaths. Pres. George  made a broad “war against terrorism” the centrepiece of U.S. foreign policy at the beginning of the 21st century.



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